Celebration and Reflection

Advanced Focus celebrated its 15th birthday last month. Birthdays tend to be a good time to reflect, and with the current environment making many of us feel a bit nostalgic about times past, we thought we’d dip into our archives and revisit AF’s early days.


Advanced Focus started, as many do, from the kitchen table. We were very clear in our goal – to provide the market with services that would enable growth, and help transform advanced manufacturing performance at both a tactical and strategic level. This is a goal that still drives us today.


Kicking off in 2005, our team of one quickly grew to two, then three, then five and beyond. With work life and home life now clashing on a daily basis (sounding familiar?), the time was right to move out into our own office space which we did, securing our first office premises on Goodwood Road.


Whilst the learning curve was pretty steep in the beginning, the early days were also immensely rewarding. We are pleased to say that many of the client partnerships we established back then are still in place today, with these businesses continuing to thrive. We have been fortunate to have worked with some great companies and some tremendously talented people over the past 15 years.


Thank you to our customers, for trusting us to deliver for you. We look forward to working with you over the next year and beyond.


The photo is from our first Office-Warming and includes the original AF team L-R – Bob Edwards, Mark Fusco, Sean Gannon, Cary Copper and Peter Tuck.