What drives us


Our organisational values underpin everything that we do. They determine how we approach our work, how we engage with our clients, and ensure that we always strive to do better.


We inspire others with our thirst for excellence and our enthusiasm to deliver results.

  • Passion is contagious. We only get results through people – people must change in order to improve. If they are uninspired they will not take the first step.
  • We must be strong in our beliefs and be hungry to demonstrate a better way. We must have the energy to create the ‘coalition of the willing’. Without genuine passion this will take too long.


We say what we think is right even if controversial. We use facts and data – not opinions – to guide decisions.

  • Often the truth of a situation needs to be acknowledged first before any improvement can be made. Changing a situation that is comfortable is difficult; there must be dissatisfaction with the status quo. It is our job to provide the information and guidance to provide clarity of the current state and the benefits of change. We attack the situation, never the individual.
  • In situations of conflict with change, whoever holds the strongest organisational position will win on opinion. We must challenge opinion, but we must do so with facts and data. This negates unreasonable conflict and adds real value to position change agents.
  • If we don’t challenge the need to change, there will be no change. We cannot generate improvement without change.


We strive to ensure we have a positive impact on our clients’ businesses. We make tough decisions when others won’t. We don’t wait and watch.

  • We must always look for the value our work will create for the customer.  It is the value we create for them that will ultimately determine the value they derive from working with us and will serve to strengthen our brand.
  • To make improvements decisions must be made. Often these will be tough ones. We must always have the client’s best interests in mind when making decisions.


We value the superior solutions that come from working as a team with our clients, staff and business partners.

  • AF is a team. We have enormous strength when we work as such.  We help each other with knowledge, experience and energy and we support each other to ensure the engagement with the customer is always positive.
  • Our team work is insufficient to deliver the results that we need. We must extend this approach to our customers and partners. We must openly collaborate to leverage knowledge and value greater than our own.


We are hungry to learn and to grow our capability. We share our knowledge with our team, partners and clients.

  • We must never stop learning to remain relevant and to be the best that we can be.
  • AF is a continuous learning experience; we are hungry to learn from education, our work, our peers, partners and customers.
  • We have a thirst for knowledge and seek a better way. We must continue to be dissatisfied until we know why.


We act with integrity, honesty and respect, serving our customers and team.

  • Without trust we have no base to influence decisions or change with our customers, team or peers.
  • Our clients and team members rely on us to deliver, our promise can be depended on.


We strive to always do ‘smarter things in smarter ways’. We focus and compete on value for money solutions.